Kaley Wilson


Dr. Wilson is currently the Director of Business Development at Quark Venture, a Vancouver-based venture capital group that invests globally in health science, and is responsible for identifying and performing due diligence on potential investment opportunities.  

Dr. Wilson is also currently interim CEO of Sitka Biopharma and serves on the Board of Quark Venture‚Äôs portfolio company Canary Medical. From January 2018 until September 2019, Dr. Wilson was also the CEO of ARTMS Products Inc. a global leader in the development of disruptive medical isotope production technologies. Following its seed financing, Dr. Wilson joined ARTMS to help grow the company and to implement a global sales and marketing strategy.  Prior to joining Quark Venture in October 2016, Dr. Wilson was Associate Director, Partnerships, at the Centre for Drug Research and Development.  

Dr. Wilson obtained her PhD at the University of British Columbia (UBC), Canada, where she worked in close collaboration with senior scientists at INEX Pharmaceuticals on the immunomodulatory activity and vaccine potential of lipid encapsulated nucleic acids.