About Microbion

Microbion is a clinical-stage pharmaceutical company developing a novel class of compounds for the treatment of difficult-to-treat infections, including chronic infections and antibiotic-resistant infections.

Microbion is dedicated to developing best-in-class, novel medicines that uniquely address key unmet medical needs and thereby provide physicians with durable, breakthrough options to improve and extend the lives of patients.

Microbion’s lead therapeutic candidate, pravibismane, the first in a new class of microbial bioenergetic inhibitors, is in Phase 2 clinical development for topical/local treatment of diabetic foot ulcer infection and orthopedic device related infection.

Microbion’s site specific delivery approach avoids systemic administration of our compounds that potentially: enables higher therapeutic concentration of drug at site of infection resulting in greater efficacy; reduces off-target effects and toxicity resulting in an improved safety profile; and lowers risk of developing antibiotic resistance that is associated with systemic antibiotic administration. The combination of these advantageous characteristics creates a favorable commercial opportunity.