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Apr 15 2019

Microbion Corporation to Present Data Highlighting Broad Spectrum Activity of BisEDT at the 29th European Congress of Clinical Microbiology & Infectious Diseases (ECCMID)

BOZEMAN, MT, and Vancouver, BC. April 15, 2019 – Microbion Corporation today announced that the company will present data highlighting the broad-spectrum activity of its novel antimicrobial agent BisEDT at the 29th European Congress of Clinical Microbiology & Infectious Diseases (ECCMID), which will take place April 13 – 16, 2019 in Amsterdam, Netherlands. BisEDT is the active pharmaceutical ingredient of Microbion’s therapeutic formulation MBN-101. Poster presentation details:

Poster number: 1826
Title: Activity Profile of MBN-101: a Novel Antimicrobial Agent with Broad-Spectrum Activity against Bacteria, Including ESKAPE Pathogens
Session name: In vitro activity of investigational antibacterial agents (PS107)
Session date/time: April 15, 2019; 13:30 - 14:30 CET
Location: Paper Poster Area

“The potent broad-spectrum antibacterial in vitro profile demonstrated by BisEDT includes several common susceptible and resistant bacterial strains,” said Dr. Brett Baker, Microbion’s Chief Scientific Officer and President. “This compelling data supports the use of BisEDT in chronic infectious disease indications being developed by Microbion, including diabetic foot ulcer, respiratory, and post-surgical orthopedic infections.”

Poster summary:

Researchers evaluated non-duplicate clinical isolates (N=826) of Gram-positive and Gram-negative aerobes and anaerobes commonly responsible for skin and soft tissue infections by determining their susceptibility to BisEDT and relevant comparators according to CLSI guidelines. BisEDT demonstrated potent, broad-spectrum activity against Gram-positive aerobes including S. aureus, S. epidermidis, S. pyogenes, S. pneumoniae, E. faecalis, and E. faecium; Gram-negative aerobes including E. coli, K. pneumoniae, P. aeruginosa, and A. baumannii; and anaerobes including Clostridium spp., Peptostreptococcus spp., and Bacteroides spp. BisEDT maintained potent activity against multiple multidrug-resistant bacterial strains including P. aeruginosa, S. pneumoniae, K. pneumoniae and A. baumannii, macrolide-resistant β-hemolytic streptococci, and extended-spectrum β-lactamase/carbapenemase producing Enterobacteriaceae.

The activity of BisEDT was not affected by antibiotic-resistance phenotype. These results highlight the potential of BisEDT formulated as an aqueous suspension, MBN-101, for the topical/local treatment of infections for which broad-spectrum coverage is indicated.

About Microbion

Microbion is a clinical-stage biopharmaceutical company that is developing MBN-101, an aqueous suspension formulation of BisEDT, as the first product in a new class for the topical and/or local treatment of antibiotic-resistant and difficult to treat infections. BisEDT has broad spectrum, antibacterial efficacy against a broad range of pathogens, including multiple priority pathogens or “superbugs” identified by the US CDC. In addition to antibacterial efficacy, BisEDT has also demonstrated the ability to eradicate microbial biofilms. This dual antimicrobial action from this first-in-class product provides a novel clinical approach to treating infections. An inhalable formulation of BisEDT is also in development for the treatment of chronic respiratory infections. QIDP and Fast Track designations was granted by the FDA for: 1) the adjunctive treatment of moderate and severe diabetic foot infections; 2) management of cystic fibrosis (CF)-related pulmonary infections; and 3) post-surgical orthopedic implant infections.

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Safe Harbor Statement

Certain of the statements made in this press release are forward-looking, such as those, among others, relating to the success of clinical development of pravibismane or MBN-101 and preparation for potential commercialization. These statements are subject to risks and uncertainties that could cause actual results and events to differ materially from those anticipated, including, but not limited to, risks and uncertainties related to: our ability to enroll patients in our clinical trials at the pace that we project; the size and growth of the potential markets for pravibismane or MBN-101 or any future product candidates and our ability to serve those markets; our ability to obtain and maintain regulatory approval of pravibismane or MBN-101 or any future product candidates; and our expectations regarding the potential safety, efficacy or clinical utility of pravibismane or MBN-101 or any future product candidates. Actual results or developments may differ materially from those projected or implied in these forward-looking statements. Microbion Corporation disclaims any intention or obligation to update or revise any forward-looking statements, whether as a result of new information, future events or otherwise.

Contact Information

Edmond Lee
Director, Business Operations
Microbion Corp.

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